Denomination Differences

How Do I Choose a Denomination?

Obviously everyone believes his denomination is the correct one and would encourage you to choose the same. However, no two denominations can both be correct in all of their beliefs. Choosing a denomination ultimately has to be something that you decide for yourself, using wisdom from the Lord.

To make this decision, I would recommend you read about the different beliefs of different denominations, research why they believe what they believe, see how it lines up with the Bible, pray about it, and try visiting a couple churches that seem the closest to accurate to you. It's good to understand and consider the options while not letting your emotions or preconceived ideas get in the way. You want to get yourself out of the way and try to go where you believe God would want you to go.

If you prefer something a bit more interactive, there is also a quiz on this site which asks you the same questions as the overview table and then tells you how much what you believe lines up with each denomination. While some questions should be more important to you than others, it will give you a good estimate of which denominations you most agree with.

Even if you don't find a denomination you line up with 100%, finding one close to what you believe is true is very helpful. Putting a name to your beliefs lets you more easily find like-minded believers to fellowship and worship with. Despite all their differences, all major denominations believe it is critical for believers to attend church regularly to spend time worshiping, learning, fellowshipping, and growing together with other believers.