Denomination Differences

What Denomination Am I?

Many people know they believe in God and trust in Jesus but have trouble getting involved in Christian community because of the daunting task of selecting a denomination to identify as a part of. While this site tries to provide a helpful overview of denominations' beliefs, looking at a static table may feel overwhelming and overly complicated to some.

To simplify things, this easy online quiz will instead just present each denomination's beliefs and ask you to pick which you agree most with. It will then tell you which denomination(s) your beliefs are most similar to. If you don't have any strong opinion on a matter, feel free to leave any question you want to blank.

How does one get saved?

Who gets saved?

Can one lose his salvation?

Who gets baptized and why?

How should baptism be done?

When does one receive the Holy Spirit?

What is the trinity?

What is the human nature?

Are we guilty of Adam's original sin?

Are Christians required to keep the Old Testament ceremonial laws?

Can Christians become sinless in this earthly life?

Do the elements of communion become the body and blood of Christ?

Can one be baptized of behalf of someone who has died?

What happens if a saved person dies without being perfect?

Did Mary ever sin?

What spiritual gifts are available today?

What framework has God used in dealing with man?

What is the gift of tongues?

What are the requirements for clergy?

How many church ordinances/​sacraments are there?

To whom do Christians need to confess their sins?

How should a church be structured?

What day of the week should Christians worship?

How does God's revelation come to us today?

How was the Bible written?

How many books are in the Bible?

Was the Bible written inerrantly?

Who can speak with God's authority today?

How was the earth created?

When is divorce permissible?

May a Christian remarry while his former spouse is still alive?

When does a fetus become human?

Is contraception permissible?

Are blood transfusions permissible?

Should women cover their heads?

Should Christians drink alcohol?

Should Christians fight in wars?

How should Christians musically worship God?

Whom does the Holy Spirit come from?

Who can be demon-possessed?

Do icons glorify God?

Where does a Christian's soul go after death?

When does the Tribulation happen?

When will the church be raptured?

When is the millennial reign of Christ happen?