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Three-Self Patriotic Movement Beliefs


Chinese Patriotic

How does one get saved?

Sola fide: Repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection alone to save you.


Who gets baptized and why?

Saved people get baptized by sprinkling or immersion as a public demonstration of their new lives.


What is the trinity?

The Trinity is God existing as one god in three equal, eternal, cosubstantial persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.


Are Christians required to keep the Old Testament ceremonial laws?

No, the ceremonial laws of Judaism were fulfilled and done away with by Jesus.

Do the elements of communion become the body and blood of Christ?

No, the elements merely symbolically represent the body and blood of Christ.


Can one be baptized of behalf of someone who has died?

No, the dead cannot be baptized.

How many church ordinances/​sacraments are there?

The church has two ordinances: Baptism and Holy Communion.


What day of the week should Christians worship?

Christians worship on Sunday.


What is marriage?

Marriage is a covenant before God between one man and one woman.


Is sex permissible outside marriage?

No, sex outside of marriage is not permissible.


Should Christians fight in wars?

Yes, Christians should fight in just wars.