Denomination Differences

Common Ground

Churches are split on many issues, which is the the reason for denominations in the first place, but they are far from disagreeing on everything. Generally speaking, the amount churches agree on will be more than what they don't. Too often be points of disagreement are over-emphasized to cause division. Life, especially the Christian life, is not a team sport where one side wins in the other must lose. There are certainly areas of disagreement where we should stand firm for what we believe to be true doctrine, but we should also recognize and celebrate the common areas where we agree.

There are many such areas. Most of the fundamentals—such as the nature of God, the life and nature of Christ, our sinfulness, and our need for a savior—are areas of agreement for all Christians. This is almost by definition, as someone not affirming such basic Christian beliefs could scarcely be called a Christian.

There are other areas though which are more minor but still widely agreed upon due to the clarity of scripture on the matter. Many areas I went to document the different views only to realize half-way through they were all the same. Hopefully this will provide some education on those matters nonetheless and be a boon to Christian unity.

Agreed-Upon Issues